Ian's Journal

Every week Ian updates his journal to portray his thoughts and perspective on the current status of fashion in todays society, aiming to give you guys a unique perspective on the current state of commerce in our world of style and creative expression.


Below is his first excerpt:


What does it mean to dress with dignity when luxury commodities meets mass unemployment? Quarantine has been imposed in wars, prisons, maritime travel, and now we’re faced with shepherding our loved ones safely in our domestic spaces with the intention of protecting the greater good from COVID-19. Taste matters more than ever when accessibility to clothes lapse and we’re left with less choices, they become a badge of resilience on top of the obvious domestic comfort factor. In these times it feels unethical to sell and buy clothes—specifically designer wear—knowing that many people are strapped for cash, eviction moratoriums lifted, and our government has failed to extend economic stimulus packages despite all of this. Shopping consignment and lengthening the life cycle of clothes pushes against the trappings of advertisements and can steer our moral compass and buying habits—grow into the shoes of a environmental, educated consumer that we often aspire to bein a flourishing, ethical way. 

By Ian Seepersaud

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