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Are your products Authentic?
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At Street Commerce, our commitment to authenticity is absolute. If there is even a slight doubt about an item's authenticity after our multi-step verification process, we will deny the consignee and return the item. We consider these items to be high risk and we refuse to consign or sell high risk items. We firmly believe in erring on the side of caution to maintain the trust of our customers and partners. See our Authentication Process for more info.

What is your consignment fee?
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We start our consignees at a 30% fee, paying them 70% of the total sale of the item. This fee can be reduced for higher priced items, large collections and long-time consignees.

Do you pay cash for authentic designer goods?
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We do offer cash for your items, but this process mainly happens inside our brick-and-mortar location. To discuss the option of cash for your items, even if currently consigned, you can reach out to our store phone and one of our employees will pull your profile and help appraise the items at a cash out price point.

Do you have a minimum hold on consignment items?
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We do not have a minimum hold for consigned items. We do ask that our clients from out of state cover shipping costs for us to ship and return their items, this way we avoid the cost of shipping all the product that we don't sell.

Are all sales final?
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All in-store sales are final. Website sales have a 15 day return window.

How do you source your inventory?
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We source and choose our inventory based on value and condition, using current trends and market data to determine the best selection of goods possible for our community.

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